Eva by Rob van den Broek and Konstantyn Napolov

“Eva” is an instrument created by designer and artist Rob van den Broek and Konstantyn Napolov to explore and push the borders of soundscapes.

“EVA, a voyage of discovery into hidden sounds.

Remy’s request to make a percussion instrument that revealed itself in the course of the process was the inspiration for the unfolding spherical shape. Because I mainly make string instruments, the search for percussion sounds was a challenge. The final result is very successful for me, both in terms of image and instrument. The challenge for composer, percussionist and maker will remain to optimize the whole. So, the journey of discovery continues.

The instrument unfolds into 8 pieces, just like the segments of an orange. Technically feasible, without complications of complicated angles. Each wedge is 45 degrees.”

– Rob van den Broek


“When Konstantyn approached me for a new piece; I was immediately enthusiastic about the prospect of working together! We had a meeting and formed a bunch of plans. It was going to be a piece in three parts, totalling about 30 minutes. When I spoke to artist and instrument-maker Rob van den Broek about a possible collaboration for the future; I asked him if we could bring the future to this moment and if he could make a new percussion instrument for one of the parts of the composition I was to write for Konstantyn. Rob being himself, immediately started forming ideas and drawing out sketches on a napkin of the café we were in.


The initial idea was for the percussionist to be encapsulated in a really big instrument; through workshopping and discussing the idea together with Konstantyn, we finally landed on the idea for EVA; a new percussion instrument and art object with multiple layers and possibilities. The instrument ended up inspiring the entire cycle of three parts. I decided to pair the new instrument with a combination of tape and Marimba, Vibraphone and various other percussion instruments to shape the sonic environment of this composition. The tape sounds of all the parts exist largly of the sound of EVA, bent in all kinds of ways to take on different shapes, sizes and textures.


The whole cycle of three movements is, in the composer’s mind, called ‘the book of Eva’.”

   – Remy Alexander, composer

For more information visit the Dutch Golden Collection Foundation website.