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Davai Percussion Trio

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Davai Percussion gives their modern classical repertoire its own twist. They integrate theatrical elements such as choreography and small props, which promote the approach of the current style of music. Davai Percussion won the first prize at the Grachtenfestival Concours 2013, with their performance in the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam.


Davai Percussion participated in the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg and performed twice in the final round of the International Chambermusic Competition Almere. They also won a competition in The Hague, which gave them the opportunity to play on ‘Oh oh Intro’ – a large open-air festival. For this occasion, Konstantyn Napolov composed an arrangement for the brass section for the piece “Fabricco” (by M. Reumert).


Besides their performances in Dutch concert halls, open-air stages and art galleries, Davai Percussion played in Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Composers from all over the world have been working with them to extend the existing repertoire.


The Trio is currently “reborn” with new “fresh” ideas and members.


The word “Davai” is a Russian word that means “Come on!” and “Let’s go!”.


Heinrich Konietzny – Triade
Philip Glass – 1+1
Iannis Xenakis – Pleades
Gyorgy Chernienko – Kosary
John Cage – Amores
Eric Satie – Je te veux
Guo Wenjing – Drama
Mark Ford – Afta-Stuba
Yoshihisa Taira – Trichromie
Toru Takemitsu – Rain Tree
Guo Wenjing – Parade
Mathias Reumert – Fabricco
Johann Sebastian Bach – Fugue n.12 in F Minor BWV 881