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Shalygins Percussion Marathon

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“Huge percussion arsenal for the marathon with ‘iron music’ […]” – Konstantyn Napolov and Maxim Shalygins interview for NRC newspaper by Joep Stapel


“An enormous battery of percussion – 114 instruments – appears on stage for five grandiose percussion pieces by Maxim Shalygin. This “Hagenaar” from Kyiv has become one of the most striking composers in The Netherlands. His work can be heard at prominent festivals and garnered acclaimed reviews.

As a soloist, the well-known percussionist Konstantyn Napolov combines the solo piece “Octopus” with the previously written “Musique de fer” for Thai gongs. In “Red Bells of Joan Miró” and “The Phaeacians”, which is the entry for the Shalygin’s ballet “Odysseus,” he is joined by three fellow percussionists. In the “Violin Concerto”, five percussionists create a hallucinating rich colour palette – including exotic flexatones and Caribbean steel drums. They accompany the lyrical solo part, for which none other than Daniel Rowland comes to The Hague.”

– Dimitri van der Werf


The Phaeacians
Musique de Fer
Red Bells of Joan Miró
Concert for solo violin and five percussionists


Total duration: 70′

Maxim Shalygin – conductor
Daniel Rowland – violin
Konstantyn Napolov – percussion & project director
Christian Smith – percussion
Ryoko Imai – percussion
Mervyn Groot – percussion
Ricardo Oliveira – percussion

Maxim Shalygin’s website