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Solo recital

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Louis Andriessen – Woodpecker
Martijn Padding – Couple
Christiaan Richter – Droplets
Alexander Strauch – Up!
Robin de Raaff – Contradictie V
Maxim Shalygin – Musique de fer
Giordano Bruno Do Nascimento – Assembly Line
Maxim Shalygin – Octopus
Remy Alexander – the book of Eva
Tansy Davies – Dark Ground
Konstantyn Napolov – Sinq Sculptures Émérates
Peter Kerkelov – Melody and Vibrations
Charles David Wajnberg – Grains
Jan-Peter de Graaff – Hat|Over|Heals

Joseph Schwantner – Velocities

Tobias Brostrom – Arena (also concerto)
John Psathas – One Study One Summary
François Sarhan – Homework
Nicolas Martynciow – Tchik
Iannis Xenakis – Rebonds B
Ben Wahlund – Hard Boiled Capitalism (….)
Emmanuel Séjourné – Prelude No.1
Mark Glentworth – Blues for Gilbert

Georg Philipp Telemann – Sonata for viola da Gamba in D major grom “Der Getreue Musicmeister”

Thierry de Mey – Silence Must Be!

Johann Sebastian Bach – Cello Suite #6 in D major


The whole show Mafeesh with electronics and drum-set


More extensive list on demand…