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Mafeesh – music journey by Konstantyn Napolov and Ahmed Saleh

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Ahmed Saleh – Live Electronics & Guitar

Konstantyn Napolov – Live Electronics & Percussion/Drum-Set

Mafeesh – is a live performance by Ahmed Saleh and Dutch musician, Konstantyn Napolov, where they are presenting a collaborative, experimental EP, one that transcends borders and masterfully mingles disparate genres. Konstantyn Napolov was the absolute winner of the international residency, organised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. As such, he was working closely with renowned Ahmed Saleh for two months at the ‘Rebooting…’, B’sarya’s in Alexandria, Egypt on creating this show. The two artists, hailing from vastly different parts of the world, have cooked up a unique project that showcases Saleh’s funky electro-house sound buttressed by Napolov’s brilliant percussion and orchestral conducting prowess.

“Mafeesh” by Ahmed Saleh and Konstantyn Napolov is produced by B’sarya for Arts with the support of the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Egypt. In partnership with the Jesuit Cultural Center and Scene Noise.


00:24 – Love?
08:04 – Mashi (It Works!)
15:08 – Droplets (Re-mix)
27:05 – Intermezzo
31:28 – Double Kick
34:30 – Ambience
46:10 – Khalas (Escape)
51:30 – Widows
57:05 – Epilogue


Total duration: 70′