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Napolov´s Percussion Marathon

The Napolov’s Percussion Marathon!

Napolov’s Percussion Marathon: a ground-breaking spectacle that you must see! A percussion marathon that makes the ears tingle and according to Konstantyn Napolov this marathon is almost impossible to complete; an attrition battle of almost an hour and a half, never seen before. Orchestra De Ereprijs and percussionist Konstantyn Napolov join forces for a joint program with only world premieres. Five international composers are looking for the golden combination between an excellent solo percussionist and the unique line-up of De Ereprijs, with many brass players and guitars. In this ambitious performance, they will play brand-new works written especially for this project with, among others, English Tansy Davies and Componist des Vaderlands Martin Fondse. In their pieces of music, they use percussion instruments and everything that passes for that, as if they had excavated them as an archaeological find. Konstantyn Napolov is the energetic pivot of the performance. He continuously pushes the boundaries as a percussionist. He performs choreography, recites poetry, and plays exotic instruments. Napolov plays their music with a lot of theatres in an incomprehensible mix of over 100! Instruments, musical styles, techniques, and drama: a ground-breaking spectacle that you must see!