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The Phaeacians from ballet De Odyssee | Maxim Schalygin | Percussion quartet

“The Phaeacians” for 4 percussion players was written as a part of the Odyssey ballet. Every performer has a different set-up of drums so combined there is a whole range from low to high and every performer has also two tambourines. Together they make transitions between different sections. One more specification about the setup is two balafons (can be replaced by marimbas or something similar).

Maxim Schalygin | The Phaeacians from ballet De Odyssee | 2016 | 7′ | for Percussion quartet


This work is promoted but not commissioned by DGCF.

More information at the Dutch Golden Collection Foundation website.

The score is available at Donemus Publishing.

“The Phaeacians” for 4 percussion players – is apart from the “De Odyssee” production by Lonneke van Leth productions.


Music – Maxim Shalygin

Performers – Konstantyn Napolov, Wen Hsin Chen, Gabriele Petracco, Alfonso Salar

Conductor – Maxim Shalygin

Camera – Evgeniya Peschanskaya & Erika Bordon

Sound – Rinse de Jong

Light – Djana Covic & Nico de Rooij


Recorded in 2016 at Rabotheater, Hengelo