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Red bells of Joan Miró | Maxim Shalygin (excerpt)

Maxim Shalygin | Red bells of Joan Miró | 2011 | 10′ | Percussion quartet

Recorded by Davai Percussion (the Netherlands, summer 2012)

Natalia Alvarez-arenas, Thibault Engel, Konstantyn Napolov, Wen-hsin Chen.

“Red bells of Juan Miro for 4 percussion players was written as a part of the Slagwerk Den Haag work in progress project. The final version of it was performed by Konstantyn Napolov with his ensemble Davai Percussion. For this piece, I chose only metal instruments with long sounds. I tried to create an intimate ritual atmosphere full of melodies and rhythms.”

– Maxim Shalygin

For more information visit the Dutch Golden Collection Foundation website.

You can listen to the full version on Soundcloud.