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Crowdfunding video for the Ist edition of the Dutch Golden Collection

Crowdfunding-introduction video for “The Dutch Golden Collection” with short interviews with composers – Martijn Padding & Louis Andriessen, Director of the Donemus | Publishing House – Davo van Peursen.

On the Dutch Golden Collection Foundation website, you can find more information about the projects and composers.

The Dutch Golden Collection was founded by Konstantyn Napolov to develop percussion instruments, search and create new music languages, extend the repertoire for solo and chamber music and promote the created contemporary works worldwide. The popularisation of the percussion instruments and creating new masterworks is one of the key aims of The Dutch Golden Collection. “The exciting point of percussion instruments is that it’s a quite young group of instruments. We don’t have the same large repertoire built through the centuries, as for example, the string players or pianists…


That’s why we have to expand our horizon, continuously search for new ways of making high-quality video and audio recordings and incorporate other forms of art. This is essential in order to reach a wider range of public and create “immortal” masterpieces which will be performed worldwide …


The Netherlands was always known in the field of innovations and has been one of the world’s leading contemporary music scenes. The platform and circumstances created during the 17th century resulted in the flourishing Dutch Golden Age for the arts. The same goes today for the percussion instruments, I believe. Most of the contemporary composers are extremely “hungry” for the rich and unlimited sound spectrum of percussion instruments. That’s why I want to seize this chance now.”

– Konstantyn Napolov