Trio Basilova|Fridman|Napolov is born!

6 september 2019

Trio Basilova|Fridman|Napolov
Pianist Helena Basilova, cellist Maya Fridman and percussionist Konstantyn Napolov are be-ing drawn to each other by their mutual passion for new music and by the endless search for new colours and new sounds in music.
Since 2018 they form this exciting and unique ensemble, working closely together with com-posers of today, creating new compositions and broadening the boundaries of existing rep-ertoire.
The trio has already received newly written compositions by Aart Strootman, Meredi, Daniel Wohl, Tobias PM Schneid and more new collaborations are yet to come. In July 2019, the trio debuted at the Blaricum Music Festival with the Triple Concerto Pierced by David Lang, directed by Mathieu Herzog.
Helena Basilova- piano Maya Fridman- cello Konstantyn Napolov- percussion